Recruiting – Frequently Asked Questions

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 What is the recruiting process?
 How often and where are intake exams held?
Intake exams are held periodically throughout the year. The exact date is determined one month prior to the exam. They are held at the Public Safety Building in North Delta or Delta Secondary School in Ladner. More details will be provided to those who are invited to attend. See Selection Process.
 I am currently not a citizen or resident of Canada. May I still apply?
In order to apply for a job with the Delta Police Department, either as a recruit or exempt (experienced police member) candidate you must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.

Police officers who are currently serving in the United Kingdom are not exempt from the Canadian Immigration process.

Once you have satisfied the citizenship or residency requirements, you may upload your cover letter and resume. Applicants residing in Canada and with work experience of two years or more will be given preference.

 I have taken the intake exam and failed. How long must I wait until I may take the exam again?
Individuals who fail the exam will have the opportunity to re-write the exam after six months. You must register online to start the process again.
 Do you have a vision examination form?
Yes.  Please ask your opthalmologist or optometrist to complete our Vision Examination form.
 Is the 2.4K run part of the POPAT?
 May I fill in an application form before taking the intake test?
An application form and integrity questionnaire are only to be completed after successfully passing the intake exam. The first stage of the recruiting process is as follows:

 Is a CPR certificate sufficient to meet the First Aid requirements?
An applicant is required to have basic first aid as well as the CPR certification.
 Is Occupational First Aid Level 1 certification enough to meet your First Aid requirements?
Yes, this would be acceptable.
 Do you have a special process for out-of-town applicants?
We do not have a condensed selection process over a shorter timeframe for out-of-town applicants. We will consider ways to arrange as many steps of the process during each visit, however you may be required to attend on multiple occasions.
 Do you accept the GED Secondary School Equivalency Certificate?
Yes, plus you will also require one year (minimum 30 credits) of academic post secondary school.
 What is the upper age limit for applying?
There is no upper age limit. The only age restriction is that applicants must be at least 19 years of age.
 May I apply if I only have a class 7 driver’s licence, or do I wait until I get a class 5?
You must hold a class 5 driver’s licence before applying.
 Is it the sole responsibility of the applicant to pay for his/her training, or does the municipality pay for such training?
The recruit is solely responsible for the tuition. For the 2010/2011 fiscal year the cost will be $9,690, for the 2011/2012 fiscal year the cost will be $9,880, payable on Day 1 of Block 1 at the Justice Institute of BC. The recruit receives a probationary constable salary while attending the police academy. There is no loan re-payment plan through the Corporation of Delta at this time.
 Will I need a computer during training?

New recruits are required to provide their own laptop computer and memory stick when participating in Block I and Block III Police Academy training at the Justice Institute.

These laptops must have the following capabilities:

– Open a web browser
– Run Java and Adobe Flash Player
– Produce a Word document
– Provide access to emails
– Accept a memory stick

Recruits will be accessing the web and reading documents, so consideration should be given to the size of the computer screen as well as using a mouse for easy movement of the cursor.

 I have successfully completed the written exam for another Lower Mainland police department and also the POPAT.  Are the test marks transferable?
The only exams that would qualify for transferability would be from agencies that used the same style of exam. POPAT scores are transferable but the score is only good for six months from the date the POPAT was taken.
 I am an RCMP officer interested in joining the Delta Police Department. Do I need to go through the same recruiting process as other applicants?
If you are currently a member with another Canadian police department or RCMP detachment you will not need to take our intake exam. You may submit your resume along with a covering letter.
 I have used illegal drugs in the past. Does this preclude me from applying?
Each candidate’s experimentation with drugs (or any criminal activity) is evaluated in its entirety on an individual basis. Factors that influence our decision are: the type of drug used, the amount/frequency of use, and how recently the drugs were used.
 I meet your minimum standards, is that enough?
Many of the candidates who apply to the Delta Police Department exceed the basic requirements. The selection process is a competitive one and additional education, work or volunteer experiences beyond the minimum standards will make you a stronger candidate.
 May I participate in a ride-along?
You need to pass the intake exam and be in the recruiting process to take part in a ride-along.