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August 24, 2018

Two wheeled thief nabbed by observant police officer in North Delta

A bike thief didn’t take the bait, but still got caught.

 On August 16th Delta Police’s Patrol Support Team deployed a bait bike. While officers waited for someone to take the bait, police noticed a man enter a nearby backyard and leave – with another bike.

 “While this wasn’t the outcome they were planning for, officers quickly switched ‘gears’ to deal with the situation that they were now faced with,” says Cris Leykauf, spokesperson for Delta Police. She further explains that Delta Police just started a bait bike program this summer. “Though it’s early days, we’d like to use this opportunity to let would-be bike thieves know – any bike you steal could be a bait bike that will lead police directly to you.”

 Police followed the man to a nearby home and eventually recovered the stolen bike. When the officer contacted the owner of the bike, she told them how impressed she was that her bike had been stolen and recovered before she even had a chance to report it. “This is exactly why I live in Delta,” she said.

 Dennis Corrigan, age 33, of Delta has been charged with theft under $5000 and breach of probation.

 Delta Police want to remind people to lock up all valuables, even in their backyards and that we want to hear from you about any theft in Delta, no matter how small.


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