Project Description

Thief complains of “slim pickings” in Delta – More people leaving vehicles empty

Release Date/Time: December 12, 2017 9:27am
Location: Ladner
DPD File: 2017-17482

An experienced property thief who was recently arrested offers an unusual perspective to our residents.

The insights shared by the thief, include this tidbit, “As recently as early 2016 we used to get wallets, tablets, i-pads – you name it. Now we’re lucky to get loose change and some good sunglasses now and then.”

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to go directly to the source to find out if our campaigns and your efforts are having an impact. We’ve been working hard to educate the community – our message is if you leave it, they’ll take it. And we’re pleased because it sounds like residents are really taking that message to heart and making changes.

If Delta gets a bad reputation among property thieves, as having ‘slim pickings’, that’s fantastic news for us and for the community. That’s the kind of reputation we all want.

Delta Police recommend:

  • Take all extra keys out of your vehicle
  • Remove all personal items from your vehicle (purse, wallet, ID and garage door openers)
  • Remove the ignition key, and activate the steering lock
  • Park in well-lit areas at night

As for the suspect, evidence recently linked them to a theft from vehicle incident from August. They were released on a Promise to Appear, and are due to appear in court in early January.

They may try and access your vehicle but they are not getting what they used to! Delta Police and citizens working together is making a difference.

Anyone witnessing suspicious activity is encouraged to report it to Delta Police at 604-946-4411.