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Recent Theft from Autos Prompt Reminder by Delta Police 2018-01-25T17:48:57+00:00

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Recent Theft from Autos Prompt Reminder by Delta Police

Release Date/Time: March 13, 2017 12:49pm
Incident Date/Time: March 09-11, 2017
Location: North Delta

It doesn’t take much to entice opportunistic criminal types. Delta Police are seeing a spate of theft from vehicles primarily in North Delta. In some cases vehicles are left insecure while others locked, but in almost all cases items of value have been an inviting factor. Tempting items range from passports/nexus cards to loose change.

Over the course of this weekend there were 7 damage to and theft from autos in the North Delta area. The two primary areas were, 11800 blk 74 Ave and 11600 blk Kittson Park Way. Remember this can happen anywhere if the opportunity is right.

Delta Police will continue to investigate, increase visibility and patrols in an effort to identify
suspect(s) involved. In the meantime, we are reminding the general public to treat your vehicle like a convertible. Remove all temptations which include, money, ID, Ipads, cell phones, passports, purses, garage door openers, and keys to the car and so on.

Delta Police also encourage citizens to call and report any suspicious person and/or activity. Don’t approach or engage anyone, just  be a good witness and provide as much detail as possible with respect to the situation and/or descriptors of the suspicious person/vehicle you are reporting.

Let’s take away their opportunity to relieve you of your valuable possessions.