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Police, volunteers and citizens recognized for lifesaving efforts and exceptional work

Saving a teenager in crisis one night on the Alex Fraser Bridge, rescuing a woman held hostage at knife point, ensuring a nephew who defrauded his elderly uncle of $300,000 would face charges – these were some highlights of the Delta Police Department’s annual award ceremony February 1, 2018.

“On a daily basis Delta Police officers, staff, volunteers and citizens contribute hundreds of hours to public safety,” says Delta Police Chief Neil Dubord. “This ceremony was about recognizing their exceptional accomplishments, and saying thank you. For example, last February one of our volunteers assisted officers with a woman in grave distress in Ladner– translating and helping ease her desperation. It is wonderful to be able to officially recognize Mr. Karn Shergill for his efforts.”

The Delta Police Department Annual Awards ceremony honored 29 officers, police staff and members of the community. A full list of names and awards are listed below.

Mayor Lois Jackson with Joyce Marshall, Delta Police Department’s Volunteer of the Year

Other highlights included a presentation by St. John’s Ambulance to Sergeant Brian Hill, who was recognized for saving a woman’s life, while off duty on vacation in Oregon, USA.

Another officer was recognized for helping to save a life that night in September 2016, when police attended to nine overdoses of fentanyl tainted drugs in South Delta. Constable John Smith determined there was one person who had likely consumed drugs, but wasn’t with his friends – his quick actions to locate the man and alert the fire department occurred in the nick of time.

The Delta Police Department recognizes the exemplary service, sacrifice and contribution made by these individuals. They epitomize the department’s values of Honour, Integrity, Courage and Trust.

Cst. Kathy Bauman, Patrol Officer of the Year, with Chief Constable Neil Dubord and Delta Police Association Vice President Sgt. Brian Hill

Chief Constable Commendation

Teen in Crisis on Alex Fraser Bridge

  • Cst. Kevin Boyce
  • Cst. Jason Martens
  • Cst. Rob Kennett
  • Cst. Gordy Gill

Deputy Chief Constable Commendation

Fentanyl Overdose

  • Cst. John Smith

DPD Soccer Camp

  • Cst. Aaron Hill

Project Starboard

  • Sgt. Jill Long
  • Sgt. Gwen Vaughan-Smith
  • Cst. Martin Levangie
  • Cst. Rob Semler
  • Cst. Chris Ward
  • Cst. Sean Cessford
  • Cst. Scott Formby
  • Cst. Ken Kirk
  • Cst. Ryan Masales (Abbotsford Police Department)

Forcible Confinement

  • Sgt. Ben Bruneau
  • Cst. Vince Neudorf
  • Cst. Mathew Taylor
  • Cst. Nilo Diguangco
  • Cst. Taylor Armstrong
  • Cst. Harprit Hair
  • Cst. Steve Bentley
  • Cst. Kristine Pemberton

Inspector Commendation

Fraud and Elder Abuse case

  • Cst. Dustin Classen

Tableau Development and Implementation

  • Ms. Candace Danielson
  • Ms. Jody Johnson

Volunteer of the Year Award

Tsawwassen CoPs Volunteer

  • Mrs. Joyce Marshall

Delta Police Outstanding Citizen Award

BC Ferries Chief Officer involvement with female in crisis

  • Mr. Roy Hicks

Female in crisis at Ladner Waterfront

  • Mr. Karn Shergill

Patrol Officer of the Year  

  • Cst. Kathy Bauman