Project Description

Sept. 29, 2018

Police street crime unit goes undercover in Boost and Bust

Recently the Street Crime Unit joined forces with security officers at Tsawwassen Mills and Tsawwassen Commons for a venture informally known as “Boost and Bust.” The name refers to when a shoplifter steals an item (boost), only to then be arrested by police (bust).

The exercise was as much about relationship building as it was about arresting shoplifters, and was a joint venture between Delta Police officers, Tsawwassen Mills and Commons security, and individual store loss prevention officers.

“It’s about much more than arresting shoplifters – for Delta Police it’s about building relationships with businesses, and ensuring our police officers have excellent knowledge of the facility and surrounding area,” says Cris Leykauf, spokesperson for Delta Police. “Should our officers have to respond to an emergency in the venue, they’ll be that much more prepared.”

During operations such as this, police work in cooperation with mall security in both an overt and covert capacity. They saturate the mall and surrounding area in order to detect persons who are either committing criminal offences, or who are known to be wanted on arrest warrants, and then safely arrest the suspects.

During the recent Boost and Bust event police also watched for stolen autos, theft from auto suspects and prolific property crime offenders. And yes, they even made a few arrests of suspected shoplifters.

Officers check a police database during ‘Boost and Bust’