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August 12, 2019

File 19-17982

Police respond to stolen vehicle report on Hwy 17

Delta Police were contacted August 11 regarding a car parked on the shoulder of Highway 17, with a person sitting in the vehicle. Police determined the vehicle had been recently reported stolen from a home in Metro Vancouver.

Delta Police located the vehicle in the northbound lanes of 3200 block of Highway 17 around 5:50 pm, Aug. 11.  Because the report involved an occupied stolen vehicle on a highway, police temporarily shut down traffic.

“Responding to a call such as this, our officers are not sure what type of situation they might find, and their priority is to ensure the public is kept safe from any potential harm,” says Cris Leykauf, spokesperson for Delta Police.

A man was located in the vehicle and arrested at the scene without incident. The investigation is continuing.

“We recognize traffic was impacted during this incident,” says Cris Leykauf. “We want to thank the motoring public for their patience in allowing police the time and space to bring the matter to a peaceful resolution.”