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Dec. 19, 2018

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Police investigating serious pedestrian crash

Delta Police were called to the 10200 block of Hornby Drive just after 6:30 am Dec. 19. The road is located in rural Delta, just parallel to Hwy. 99.

Two pedestrians were walking eastbound on Hornby Drive, while two vehicles were travelling west bound. Parking is permitted on the south side of the road, and there were a significant number of vehicles already parked on the road at that time.

One of the two vehicles travelling west pulled over to the north shoulder, while the other vehicle moved over to pass it. Unfortunately one of the two pedestrians was then struck at that time.

The woman who was struck is in her 20s, and was taken to hospital with what were determined to be life-threatening injuries.

“The driver stayed on scene, and is cooperating fully with police,” says Cris Leykauf, public affairs spokesperson for Delta Police. She notes the speed limit is 80 km/hr on that stretch of road, and that there is no indication that the driver was speeding or impaired.

Hornby Drive