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June 28, 2019

Man whose life was saved by police opens up in DPD Annual Report

The 2018/2019 Delta Police Annual Report shines a light on the importance of health and wellness – both for police officers and the citizens they serve.

Wayne, who volunteered to open the annual report with his personal experience, did so for two reasons; to acknowledge the work of the police officers that saved his life, and to send a message to others who may be suffering that life can get better.

Typically police officers do not have an opportunity for closure after a call for service related to a person in crisis. But Wayne wanted those police officers to know the impact that they had on his life.

Wayne was open to telling his story and when he recalled the moment he saw the police wade into the frigid water of Goose Bay to save him he said, “I remember thinking, wow that cop does not look impressed to be out here…and I can understand why because it was really cold.”

That cop was Sgt Mike Scholz. The two men reunited earlier this year, and you can read more about it in the DPD Annual Report. It’s available in local papers this week in Delta, or find it online.