Project Description

Fraud Suspect Targets Elderly: Delta Police Secure Charges and Seek Other Victims

Release Date/Time: October 23, 2017 11:10am
Location: 7600 blk 119A Street
DPD File: 16-19216

September 2016 the Delta Police responded to a report of a male suspect defrauding an elderly woman of money by preying on her emotions and charitable nature. Initially the suspect approached the elderly female in the lobby of her apartment located in the 7600 blk of 119 A Street in North Delta. The reported offences took place over several months during 2015.

Delta Police commenced an investigation and information gathered indicates that, the suspect’s mode of operation is to target both elderly individuals and those affiliated to church groups giving a false story about being in need of money to attend his mother’s funeral outside of the lower mainland. Once money is secured in the first instance he continues to ask for money giving a variety of compelling scenarios as to why he needs it. At times he seeks money under the guise of “re-payment” once he receives his anticipated inheritance. It starts with a small amount requested and escalates from there. The complainant that has come forward in this investigation has, over time, parted with a significant amount of money causing her significant financial hardship.

As a result of the investigation conducted by the Delta Police, suspect was arrested on October 11, 2017 and held in custody. Several charges have been secured against, 37 year old Darrin Richard John POWER (of no fixed address). He is described as, a Caucasian male, 5’6, 146 lbs, short brown hair, blue eyes. The charges include, fraud, forgery, intimidation, extortion, possession of stolen property. POWER is currently in custody due to appear in court October 24, 2017.

It is believed that POWER goes by other names including, Anthony PETERS interchanging his first name with Tony, Richard or Lucky. It is possible that he uses other names as well. Additionally, in some instances he works in tandem with a female partner.

It is possible that POWER has not limited his approach to the Delta area and that there may be additional victims that have given money based on the fictitious plight he has given.

Delta Police would encourage anyone who has been victimized by this or a similar fraudulent scam to call your local police, if you reside in Delta, please call Delta Police at 604 946.4411.