Project Description

April 1, 2019

DPD announces new partnership with the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society

The Delta Police Department is welcoming a new member to the department, thanks to  a joint effort with the OWL (Orphaned Wildlife) Rehabilitation Society.

Sonsie, a male bald eagle was sent to OWL in July 2002 due to being imprinted on humans as a baby. Because of this, he has not been welcomed back into the wild by other raptors. Raptor care manager, Rob Hope reached out to Chief Neil Dubord in September 2018 upon noticing the raptor was becoming increasingly depressed. Hope noted that Sonsie was highly intelligent, focused, and easily conditioned.

After careful consultation with the City of Delta and OWL, the Delta Police Department have hired the majestic bird to be the eyes in the sky of Delta. Sonsie, renamed Police Service Eagle (PSE) Goose will be a working eagle, concentrating on traffic enforcement, particularly in school zones and on the SFPR, and community events.

Rapture care manager, Rob Hope, PSE Goose, and Chief Dubord.

PSE Goose is outfitted with a lightweight, wireless camera that is bluetooth enabled, and through extensive conditioning, now  recognizes himself as a police officer, and can easily identify police vehicles from the sky to notify them of a traffic violation.

“The Delta Police Department is excited to welcome PSE Goose onboard. We feel that PSE Goose is a great investment to the DPD and the City of Delta. He is both environmentally and economically friendly, and can monitor Delta in a way we never thought possible.” says Chief Dubord

“It is not very often that we get to release a raptor from our care, who has been in contact with humans from a young age. The Delta Police Department has given Sonsie/PSE Goose a new lease on life. We look forward to seeing him soar above Delta”, says Rob Hope of OWL.

We hope you will join us in giving PSE Goose a warm welcome. 

OWL is a non-profit dedicated to the survival of raptors and relies on donations. If you would like to donate, please visit this link:

Happy April Fools’ Day everyone!  To watch a blooper reel from the making of this prank, please visit: Blooper Reel