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August 28, 2019

Delta Police step up enforcement for back to school traffic

And just like that summer is over and the kids are heading back to school. With school commencing on Tuesday, September 3rd, the 30 km/h speed limit around school zones and playgrounds will be strictly enforced for the safety of those travelling by foot, bike or vehicle to and from school.

Parents, school staff and members of the public will see increased visibility of Delta Police officers and volunteers around school zones, with officers will be paying particular attention to vehicles making illegal u-turns, speeders, and parking issues, including visual obstructions.

“Our Traffic police officers primarily use unmarked vehicles for traffic enforcement,” notes Cris Leykauf, spokesperson for Delta Police. “We just want parents to be aware that even if it might not look at first glance there’s increased enforcement, they should be assured that patrols will definitely be stepped up around our schools.”

Parents, please remind your children to use crosswalks and look both ways before crossing the street, and to dismount from their bikes when crossing the street. Drivers, give yourself extra time over the next couple of weeks, watch for pedestrians, slow down, and obey signage.