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Delta Police Investigate Battery Thefts

Release Date/Time: August 1, 2017 12:14pm
Location: Annacis Island

In recent weeks, Delta Police have responded to theft reports whereby batteries were stolen from commercial vehicles or equipment located in industrial parks, specifically Annacis Island.

Delta Police are reminding business owners on Annacis Island to ensure that security measures are in place to help deter this type of theft. These measures may include: Video surveillance and security cameras, secured and locked compounds and well-lit areas around businesses.

Delta Police continue to investigate and have increased patrols in the area. Police are reminding anyone who sees suspicious activity to report it to the Delta Police non-emergency line at 604.946.4411.

For more information on crime prevention tips visit the Delta Police Business Watch page at: contact the North Delta Community Police Station (CoPS) at 604.599.7280 or visit them in Scottsdale Centre.

North Delta CoPS office hours:

Mon, Tue, Wed & Sat 10am-6pm
Thursday and Friday 10am-9pm
Closed Sundays, statutory holidays