Project Description

Delta Police Department’s “RS-NOW” Escalade Drawing Positive Reaction from Youth

Release Date/Time: September 18, 2017 12:37pm
Incident Date/Time: September 18, 2017
Location: Deas Island Park

Investing in our Future – Working with our Youth

Delta Police have recently rolled out the Escalade that was granted to us through Civil Forfeiture and the new set of wheels is being well received by the young people in our community. The ‘cool ride’ is one of the many ways DPD is reaching out to break down barriers between police and youth, especially those that are not accustomed to positive interactions with police.

Delta Police Youth officers are out working the streets meeting young people where they are at and providing support as they navigate their way encouraging them to take a positive path.

Delta Police Youth officer, Cst. Pemberton shares her perspective saying, “I have learned over time that there is no one size fits all especially when it comes to our approach to reaching young people.

It’s about meeting them where they’re at, bringing various resources together to support and assist them along the journey of becoming healthy contributing citizens.

It’s not about “troubled youth” it is all about investing in all youth and not leaving any one of them behind if we can help it.

I realize that none of us are without our bumps along the road self-induced or by circumstance.  I think we are more effective when we  re-adjust our focus to see behind the mistakes of past decisions and behavior and see the ‘person’ and give them a vision to reach their full potential whatever that might be for them.”

The Delta Police are employing an integrated collaborative strategy to provide a more wrap around approach. Our Youth officer works in conjunction with our School Liaison officers bringing together internal and external services and resources to maximize our reach and impact on our youth.

The Delta Police are committed to the long-term investment of time and resources of this less than traditional approach. Ultimately the goal is to reduce the number of negative interactions with police, giving young people a sense of belonging and value. We need to be in many cases the conduit to help them see themselves as a valued and contributing member of this community.