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Sept. 4, 2018

Delta Police Chief hands out positive tickets on first day of school

While many probably noticed increased police presence in school zones this morning, Delta’s Police Chief Neil Dubord was out with a different kind of ticket book, looking for kids safely walking and biking to school.

“Making eye contact with drivers, getting off your bike and walking at a crosswalk, those are the kind of behaviors I was really pleased to see this morning,” says Chief Dubord. “Let’s keep it going throughout the school year.”

He was out greeting students attending Ladner Elementary, handing out positive tickets – and treat coupons to children.

Delta Police are also reminding parents who may be driving their kids to school, to take the extra minute to park further away from school in an area that doesn’t block pedestrians’ view of oncoming traffic. Drivers also are recommended to drive around the block, or turn around safely, once school drop off is completed.