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Delta police arrest machete-wielding man

Delta Police moved quickly to contain a man seen wielding a machete, today at approximately 11:50 am in North Delta.

Delta Police officers were joined by Air 1 and the Lower Mainland District Police Dog Service in an effort to quickly contain and arrest the man, spotted near the Watershed area off Kittson Parkway.

Machete in sheath, seized by police

After a brief foot pursuit down Kittson Parkway the man was arrested by officers. Fortunately neither the suspect nor officers were injured during the incident, and there are no reports of any public being injured.

“Four police officers were chasing the man by foot down Kittson Parkway, just before his arrest. I want to thank the motorists who assisted our police officers by stopping and waiting for this to be safely resolved. It was understandably a startling sight for them,” says Cris Leykauf, public affairs coordinator for Delta Police.

The suspect has now been taken to hospital to be evaluated, and will be facing charges.