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Nov. 23, 2020

File 20-27114

Cannabis edibles found in Halloween bag results in illegal lab shutdown

A complaint from a parent about finding cannabis edibles inside their child’s Halloween treat bag evolved into a significant drug investigation. Fortunately the parent spotted the candy and warned other parents in the area, and Delta Police received no other complaints or information about children consuming cannabis.

“Our officers were very concerned and launched an investigation, attempting to trace the source of the candy and locate the supplier,” says Inspector Guy Leeson, the officer in charge of the Delta Police Crime Reduction Unit.

“There was some great police work done on this investigation, and really good information sharing among officers,” says Inspector Leeson, resulting in the Crime Reduction Unit being able to shut down an illegal cannabis extraction lab.


The incident also serves as a valuable reminder for parents to always check their children’s Halloween candy, before allowing them to consume any treats.

Police executed a warrant on a residential home in North Delta on November 20 and determined the dwelling was dedicated to cannabis production, extraction, packaging for street sale, as well as advertising. Thousands of cannabis edibles were seized.

The site has now been dismantled, and police do not believe there is any ongoing risk to the public from the property.

A man and a woman were arrested during the warrant execution. Police anticipate recommending a number of charges including distribution to minors, possess for purpose selling and prohibited synthetic production.