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July 9, 2018

Update – Ball python spotted near Westham Island

As a result of the press release below, Delta Police was notified that a ball python was spotted near the Westham Island Bridge on the Canada Day long weekend. At that time a photo was taken, but the snake was not reported to Delta Community Animal Shelter until July 3.

Bylaw inspectors have made patrols of the area, but have not seen the snake. No other sightings have been reported.

As a reminder, the snake is non-venomous, and in the wild primarily feeds on rats, mice and birds.


July 7, 2018

Ball python reported missing in Ladner farm field

A ball python is missing in Ladner. Delta Police were informed July 6 that a ball python named ‘Gypsy’ went missing in a farmer’s field on June 30,2018.

“Unfortunately, officers do not have an exact location where the snake was last seen – just that it was in a farmer’s field in Ladner,” says Cris Leykauf, spokesperson for Delta Police.

Delta Police had been in contact with the owner of the snake on June 20, when a man was reported to be sleeping outside of Walmart at Tsawwasssen Commons with a large snake. Upon police request, man and snake relocated to their nearby minivan. They were noted to be cooperative and polite.

“The snake is six feet long, eight inches in diameter and a dark caramel colour,” says Leykauf. “Ball pythons are not venomous, and apparently are a popular choice for those wanting a pet snake, as they are known to have more of a docile temperament.”

This type of snake is known to curl up in a ball when stressed or frightened. In the wild their diet is primarily small mammals such as rats and mice, or birds.

The circumstances of how the snake came to be in a Ladner farmer’s field are not known to police at this time. Police also do not have a photograph of the missing snake. If the missing snake is spotted please call 9-1-1 with the location, so it can be quickly captured.