Project Description

June 26, 2019

Annacis Island battery thefts down – catalytic converters thefts still high

Responding to crime trends can be complex, and it can take some time for results to be seen. While the public’s expectation may be that stepped up police patrols will take care of the issue, the reality can be quite a bit more challenging.

By August 2018, Delta Police was seeing an increase in the number of battery thefts on Annacis Island. As a result, the Annacis Island Crime Prevention Strategy was born, combining outreach, education and prevention, and enforcement.

The first step in this case was some out of the box thinking.

“With support of the local business owners, we implemented a Battery Decal Project, where commercial vehicle batteries are tagged with decals indicating that they are not approved to be sold for money.” says, Cris Leykauf, spokesperson for the Delta Police.”

“Next, we educated local pawn shops and recycling depots that if they see this decal on a battery, it means the battery is stolen. So those shops and depots have been instructed to report this to police, and not purchase the battery from the thief,” says Leykauf

Signs in the pawn shops and recycling depots also reinforce the message, that these businesses are taking part in the Battery Decal Project.

Furthermore, Delta Police also increased police patrols as well as volunteer hours on Annacis Island. 

Since the implementation of this project, DPD has seen a decrease of 71% in battery thefts, and 39% reduction in overall crime in the area.

But, as is the nature of crime, a new crime cycle is now on the upswing on Annacis Island and in North Delta – catalytic converter thefts.

North Delta businesses are being encouraged to register for the North Delta Business Watch Program. The North Delta Business Watch Program was created by the North Delta District Community Police Office (DCPO) with the purposed of educating local businesses on how to better protect themselves from becoming victims of crime.

To register for the Business Watch Program, please click here to learn more, or visit the DCPO office at 11906 80 Ave.