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Special Occasion Licences

A Special Occasion Licence (SOL) is required for any event serving liquor. Delta Police reviews SOL applications for public and private events where liquor is being served.

All SOLs must now be applied for online at https://solo.bcldb.com/

SOL Application Process

  1. Delta Police will review all SOLs that exceed 100 people; anything less may be approved automatically by the online automated system.
  2. SOLs in excess of 500 people must be accompanied by a Security Plan as required by legislation. These applications will be reviewed by Liquor Control Licensing Branch (LCLB) staff.
  3. All SOL applications should be submitted at least two weeks in advance of an event to ensure review and approval in time for an event. There is no one available to review SOL applications on weekends or on statutory holidays.
  4. You must apply for your SOL online at https://solo.bcldb.com/. Some applications will be approved by the automated system immediately; others will be forwarded to Police and/or LCLB staff for review.
  5. All applications are reviewed with many factors under scrutiny, including:
  • Is the amount of alcohol appropriate for the number of people?
  • Is the venue licenced to hold the number of people listed on the application? (complying with Fire Regulations and maximum occupancy)
  • Does the applicant have a “Serving It Right” licence? (not required on all SOLs, but required on most)
  • Has the applicant been investigated or charged for any liquor related infractions within the last two years?
  • Does the applicant have an affiliation with any criminal elements or gangs?
  • Does the listed event have any connection to criminal elements or gangs?
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding Special Occasion Licences please contact theCommunity Relations Officer:Cst. Karrie Graham             Phone : 604-946-4411 Extension 0993