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Crime Statistics – Monthly Reporting

2018 Q2
Residential Break and Enters

2018 Q2
Commercial Break and Enters

2018 Q2
Thefts from Auto

2018 Q2
Persons Offences

2018 Q2

2018 Q2
Traffic Violation Tickets

2018 Q1 – Residential Break and Enters

2018 Q1 – Business Break and Enters

2018 Q1 – Thefts from Auto

2018 Q1 – Persons Offences

2018 Q1 – Collisions

2018 Q1 – Traffic Violation Tickets

Crime Map

Our online crime mapping system is part of continuing efforts by the Delta Police Department to help keep the public informed and to engage the community in crime prevention. For example, most property crimes can be prevented by taking simple steps such as locking doors and removing valuables from plain view. If you know that these crimes are being reported in your neighborhood, you can better prepare to protect your property.

The Delta Police Department uses CrimeReports.com for online crime mapping to provide the public with crime statistics on a Google-based map along with an anonymized descriptive summary. The data is obtained from our Records Management System (RMS) that is generated by calls for service. It is important to note that not all crime types are currently displayed on the map or included in the associated reports because of privacy concerns for victims and their families. Map icons and reports are subject to some change and re-classification through both the review an investigative process.

The Delta Police Department discourages users from performing comparative analysis based exclusively on the information provided in this interactive crime mapping system. The system is intended to provide the user with an overview of where identified reportable incidents have occurred and is not intended to be detailed and comprehensive in nature.  The Delta Police Department shall assume no liability for decisions made or actions taken by the users of this online crime mapping system.

Any questions or inquiries regarding incidents reported on this crime mapping system should be forwarded to the Public Information/Media Liaison officer by phone 604.940.5016 or email, media@deltapolice.ca.