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Victim Services is an operational section of the Delta Police Department which specializes in supporting victims of crime and trauma. The program operates on the philosophy that the immediacy and nature of assistance that a victim receives following an incident can have a significant impact on their resulting wellness. It is the goal of the program, its staff and volunteers to provide timely, relevant and supportive assistance.

Referrals to Victim Services are typically made by the investigating officer. Additionally, individuals can self-refer to the program. Victim Services staff and volunteers assist victims by providing information, support and referral.

Specifically, Victim Services provide information on the police investigation, the criminal justice system, matters as they proceed through the court system, and the psychological, physical, behavioural and cognitive effects of crime and trauma. Emotional support is provided to individuals as they adjust to the impact that an incident has had and as they proceed through the criminal justice system. Finally, acknowledging the variety and quality of services within our community, we refer victims to agencies which provide specialized services to meet their needs.

We can assist in many situations including:

  • assaults
  • break and enters
  • child, adult and historical sexual assault
  • domestic violence
  • family problems
  • fraud
  • homicide
  • motor vehicle collisions
  • robberies
  • sudden death
  • suicide
  • theft
  • threats and harassment

Specific services provided:

  • Court orientation – trained staff and volunteers meet with witnesses prior to their court appearance to provide information on the criminal justice system and the experience of testifying in court.
  • Court accompaniment – Victim Support Workers may accompany victims to court during their testimony and through significant stages in the court case (criminal only).
  • Assistance with forms including:
    • Victim Impact Statements
    • Crime Victim Assistance Applications

»Delta Police Victim Services brochure (2.16 MB)

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