Apartment Security

Please be advised that there has been a recent increase in reported thefts and break-ins from apartment building storage lockers. As a result we request that you increase your vigilance and awareness in regards to security. The following tips are being provided for your information and we hope that you will assist in making your building a tougher target for criminals and as a result deter crime.

  • Doors to the front entrance must always be kept locked
  • Please wait for the gate to close on underground parking when entering and leaving the building
  • Do not store valuable items in underground storage lockers (especially if contents of locker are visible).

The following tips for general apartment security have also been included:

  • Ensure that children know that they are not to open the door to anyone
  • Make sure all windows and patio doors are locked when not at home
  • Discourage entering and leaving by patio doors
  • Use your peephole
  • Lock up even for a quick errand
  • Make sure your intercom system does not use your suite numbers as an index
  • Do not use first names or Mr. or Mrs. on intercom listings or name plates
  • Join a Block Watch in your area or start one up for your building
  • Be responsible about security. Remember good neighbours look after each other. Get to know other people who live on your floor so you maybe able to identify strangers in your building

Call the police immediately to report suspicious individuals or vehicles sighted in your building. Note descriptions of suspect individuals, height, weight, age, race, hair colour/style and clothing. For vehicles make note of the license plate, make, model, colour and other distinguishing features such as damage, customized paint, pinstriping or special wheels.

Suggestions for building improvements to deter theft from storage lockers.

The following suggestions have been made as possible deterrents to reduce break-ins and thefts from underground storage lockers in apartment buildings. As a unit owner you may want to discuss the possible implementation of some of these suggestions with your Strata Council in order to improve the security of your building and deter crime.

Installation of video surveillance cameras in the storage locker area.

Installation of solid doors with proper door locks to replace individual storage locker doors made of pieces of wood with gaps allowing full view of locker contents.

A strong metal covering should be installed to house the lock of the main door to the storage locker area. This will deter the removal of the lock by a criminal being able to smash it off with a sledge hammer or other heavy object.

If you would like to start Block Watch in your area or have other questions or concerns in regards to the security in your building, please feel free to contact your local Community Police Station.

Protect yourself and your belongings.

Don’t be an easy target, be aware and be safe.