Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness

The Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program (NEPP) is coordinated through our Emergency Management Office, in cooperation with the Corporation of Delta and Delta Fire & Emergency Services and the Delta School District. Information is also available at our Community Police Stations (CoPS)NEPP teaches:

  • Individuals and families how to become personally prepared for a minimum of 72 hours following a disaster
  • Neighbours how to plan and train as a neighbourhood to respond safely and effectively as organized teams during a disaster.

NEPP can be established in your neighbourhood in Delta. Training sessions are given in:

  • Introduction to NEPP – by Delta Police
  • Utilities and Fire Suppression – by Delta Fire
  • Emergency First Aid – by BC Ambulance Services
  • Light Urban Search and Rescue – by Delta Police and Delta Fire
  • Communication and Transportation – by Delta Amateur Radio Society (DARS) and Delta Fire
  • Shelter and Care Giving – by Delta Emergency Social Services
  • Rapid Damage Assessment – by Delta Fire
  • Leadership – by Delta Police.

If you are interested in learning more about NEPP, contact the Emergency Management Office of the Delta Police Department.  Remember, Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail!

If you have any questions about emergency management or the NEPP Program, contact our EM Experts.

NEPP Classes

All of the listed NEPP classes will be offered this Fall through the Continuing Education Program of the Delta School District. Classes will be instructed by Delta Police and Delta Fire experts on the specific topic. To learn more, visit the Continuing Education website.