CoPS Programs

Each of the CoPS offices offer the programs detailed below, as well as programs specific to their location.  Please contact your local CoPS office for more information on any program.

Bike Patrol – A volunteer bike patrol team is assigned to each community police station. The volunteers are assigned to assist with special community events, police projects, and ICBC- supported programs. Volunteers are expected to put in a minimum of four hours per week, weather permitting. Each community station is equipped with mountain bikes, reflective vests, helmets and other equipment. Volunteers may use their own bikes but they must be trained and they are expected to be in excellent physical condition.

Block Watch: The premise behind Block Watch is neighbours getting to know each other, and watching out for one another. Families on a block form a communication chain aided by a block map of names, telephone numbers and addresses.  They watch out for each others’ homes and report suspicious activities to the police and each other to reduce the likelihood of residential crime.

Block Watch also provides tips on how to better secure your home, information on how to mark your property, protective window stickers, and crime prevention strategies.

To get involved and join Block Watch, contact your nearest Community Police Station. There may be a Block Watch team in your area that you can join, or start your own team. »more details

Business Watch:  Business Watch is a cost-free program offered to you by CoPS volunteers.  The program’s focus is to aid in the identification of any potential criminal activity local businesses may encounter, and assist in the development of crime prevention strategies.

This program is facilitated by Business Watch volunteers who work in cooperation with Delta Police. All of the volunteers in this program have been specifically training and exhibit extensive knowledge on the intricate nature of the diverse criminal activity. The program provides information on topics such as: counterfeit currency, scams, credit card fraud, theft, robbery, property crime, workplace safety, autocrime and cybercrime.

Cell Watch: This is a new program initiated by ICBC that is aimed at educating distracted drivers using a hand held devices. Our volunteers record license plate numbers and warning letters are sent out.

Child Find (formerly called Child ID):   This program is run by donation in partnership with Child Find BC and it is available to everyone who lives in BC. The community volunteers will photograph and fingerprint your child at our Community Police Station. The child must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The All About Me identification booklet is an educational and prevention program. The primary goal is to provide a standardized identification process, reminding parents or guardians about the importance of maintaining up-to-date information of their children. After the fingerprints and photograph of the child are taken, the parent/guardian is handed the booklet and asked to fill out all of the pertinent information and store it in a safe place.  Photographs of the child will be deleted from our digital camera and no photos of the child are kept.

The booklet is a resource for the parents, to be given to the police only if the child goes missing. Although the fingerprints and current picture will not help find a missing child, they help identify a child once they are located. »more details

Citizens Are Security Active (CASA):   Vacant homes are prime targets for burglars.  Our volunteers will conduct home security checks while you are away provided there are no tenants or anyone else in the residence.  The volunteers will randomly do perimeter checks of your residence ensuring all doors, windows, and gates are secured.  CASA request forms are available at the Community Police Stations, so come in and ensure your home is protected while you are away. »more details

Community Crime Watch:  In this observe and report capacity, volunteers patrol the community on Friday and Saturday nights reporting to the police suspicious activity and criminal offences. The volunteers drive a community van when out patrolling the area.  »more details

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED):  This program  is a proactive approach that aims to reduce or eliminate opportunities for crime before incidents occur.  This program is offered to both businesses and private residences and participation is completely voluntary.   Trained volunteers will attend your home or business and provide an assessment that indicates how to make your dwelling a safer place.  »more details

Delta Hospital Program:  This program is designed to have CoPS volunteers attend Delta Hospital and spend time with patients in Long Term Care.  A hospital coordinator designates the patients that are interested in having the volunteers visit with them. »more details

Lock Out Auto Crime:  In 2003, in partnership with ICBC, an auto crime team was created to decrease auto theft in Delta.  Volunteers, on foot or on bikes, check vehicles in shopping centers, parking lots and streets to see if they are secure and that valuables are not visible to someone looking inside.  A Crime Prevention Notice is left on the windshield to further educate vehicle owners about crime prevention and how better secure their vehicles.

Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program (NEPP):  The program teaches individuals and families how to become personally prepared for a minimum of 72 hours in the event of a disaster. The program also teaches neighbours how to plan and train as organized neighbourhood teams to respond safely and effectively during a disaster.

Safe Schools:  The goal is to make elementary school zones a safe place for children by educating drivers and pedestrians about the dangers occurring in a school zone. The volunteers explain potential dangers and consequences of their actions, including such things as jaywalking, disregarding street signs and ignoring crosswalks.  Repeat offenders are tracked by their license plates and warning letters are sent out.

The Safe Schools program started in 2007.  In 2010 the program was expanded to every morning and afternoon, whenever the elementary schools are in session. »more details

Stolen Auto Recovery System (SARS):  Volunteers work in partnership with ICBC in this program.  License plates are checked against a database to determine whether or not they are stolen.

Speed Watch:  This is an ICBC-initiated program allows the volunteers to use a speed reader board to encourage traffic safety and increase awareness of posted speed limits.  »more details

Other Services offered by CoPS:

  • Processing reports of lost or found property (e.g. government issued identification)
  • Providing referrals to Victim Services

A full time Station constable is available to discuss any issues of concern.

We encourage our citizens to drop by their local Community Police Station and discuss the various programs and services offered by our volunteers.   See locations of CoPS offices for the one nearest to you.

CoPS are always looking for volunteers to help run our programs. Drop by for an application—you too can volunteer in your community!