Safe Schools

Our purpose is to make elementary school zones a safe place for children.

We educate drivers and pedestrians about the dangers occurring in a school zone. The volunteers explain the dangers and consequences of their actions, including such things as jaywalking, disregarding street signs and ignoring crosswalks. Repeat offenders are tracked by their license plates and warning letters are sent out.

The Safe Schools program started in 2007.  In 2010 the program was expanded to every morning and afternoon, whenever the elementary schools are in session.

The duties of the volunteers include the following:

  1. Compile the weekly schedule for staff, and the yearly schedule for school visits.
  2. Tracking repeat offenders by their license plates and facilitating warning letters.
  3. Send weekly, monthly and yearly stats to the appropriate people.

We are educators, not enforcers!

Volunteers will speak face to face with the public, school principles and School Liaison Officers. This program allows volunteers to practice their communication and cooperation skills.

When going out to schools, volunteers wear the high visibility yellow jackets, carry a notebook and, if possible, use the speed board equipment.  Volunteers are expected to fill out the daily record sheets at the end of the shift.