Drug Awareness – Marihuana

The drug called marihuana is produced in marihuana grow operations. Marihuana grow operations have a negative impact on our community due to safety hazards and associated criminal activities.

The Delta Police Department have successfully implemented numerous strategies in order to advance our war on marihuana grow operations. Our goal is to make Delta a Grow op Free Community.

The strategies we use to combat marihuana grow operations involve a combination of targeted enforcement and community awareness and involvement.

Delta Police follow up every report we receive about suspicious drug activity. Please call Delta Police at 604.946.4411, your local law enforcement agency, or Crimestoppers at 1.800.222.TIPS.  Warning: For your safety, do not approach anyone involved or put yourself in a dangerous situation.

How to Spot a Marihuana Grow op

Common Indicators:

  • Residence appears unlived in. Residents are seldom seen by neighbors or there may be people coming and going at odd hours
  • Windows remain covered at all times
  • Heavy condensation on windows
  • Strange odor coming from the house (pungent or skunk-type odor)
  • Humming noises, such as a fan, that can be heard regularly
  • Discarded equipment such as pots, wiring, PCV piping and aluminum shrouds
  • Localized power surges

Community Impact of Marihuana Grow ops

  • Marihuana grow ops may have links to organized crime
  • Individuals involved in the production of marihuana have been found to have weapons
  • Marihuana grow ops are a fire hazard due to unsafe electrical wiring and the heat generated by hydroponics lights
  • The value of surrounding properties tend to reduce
  • Increased potential for violent crimes to occur, for example, drive-by shootings, grow rips, and assaults

Introduction of Bylaw 6200 in 2004

The Delta Controlled Substance Property Bylaw 6200 was adopted in the Spring of 2004. This bylaw requires landlords to show due diligence with respect to their rental properties and hold them accountable to ensure safety hazards that exist due to grow operations or other controlled substances being manufactured in their premises are repaired to Provincial Building Codes. They will also be responsible for the associated costs of dismantling these grow operations, including police costs.

Did you know? Delta Police Enforcement Facts:

  • 90% of the marihuana grow ops that are dismantled result in arrests and charges
  • 90% conviction rate of those that go through the court system
  • The majority of marihuana grow ops investigated are initiated as a result of information received from the public
  • In 2005 the Department had 65 reported complaints of possible grow operations within the community
  • In 2005 the Drug Section investigated 48 of these complaints resulting in execution of 22 search warrants and dismantling of grow operations
  • In 2005 11,318 marihuana plants and 55 lbs of dry bud were seized with a street value of $5.8 million
  • 34 subjects were arrested and charged for various CDSA (Controlled Drugs and Substances Act) related offences in 2005.

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