Disposal of Unwanted Firearms

The RCMP manages licensing of firearms users, a system which supports individual use of firearms for hunting and various recreational purposes.

Information may be obtained:

Owners who no longer want to keep firearms can dispose of them either by selling or transferring the firearms to a valid license holder in accordance with the Firearms Act, or may turn the unwanted firearms over to Delta Police for disposal.

Those owners who need to dispose of their unwanted firearms may call Delta Police Department at 604.946.4411 for assistance.  Firearms must not be brought directly to the police department as transportation of a firearm without proper authorization and accompanying permits is prohibited.  Once the request has been received, a police officer will come by and pick up the firearms.  Please ensure that the firearm is unloaded and rendered safe to handle or is disassembled.

Delta Police would like to remind citizens that unlawful possession of a firearm is a criminal offence. Persons found in contravention of the Firearms Act may be subject to criminal prosecution.