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Prohibited drivers stopped, but fewer impaired drivers in CounterAttack roadblocks in December

Release Date/Time: January 5, 2018 11:44am

Approximately 12,000 vehicles went through Delta Police CounterAttack road blocks in December 2017, including a large integrated roadblock with Surrey RCMP on Scott Road, Dec. 30. That single roadblock saw 9,000 vehicles pass through in the course of just over two hours. The total number of cars checked is up significantly from the 4,000 vehicles Delta Police checked during the holiday Counterattack season last year.

Despite the large number of vehicles which police checked, relatively few drivers were found to be impaired. Three drivers are now facing criminal charges for drug or alcohol impairment. Two drivers received 90-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) notices, and had their vehicles impounded, while three drivers were given 3-day IRPs.

While conducting a drug-impaired driving investigation at the December 30 roadblock, Delta Police found the driver to be in possession of over $6,000 in suspected drug money, along with small quantities of drugs, believed to be fentanyl/heroin and crystal methamphetamine. Charges are pending.

Police also were able to stop four prohibited drivers. Additionally, 57 violation tickets were handed out for infractions such as not wearing a seatbelt. And 15 Notices and Orders were served, for vehicles with deficiencies, such as no functioning lights or muffler issues.

Police officer checks driver

12,000 vehicles went through CounterAttack road blocks in December

Delta Police is pleased that the vast majority of drivers are getting the message, and planning a safe ride home before they consume drugs or alcohol. Even though the holiday celebrations are behind us, police remind the public that impaired driving checks happen year round.

Please note these statistics incorporate the joint integrated CounterAttack road block with Surrey RCMP December 30.