Youth Liaison Team

What is Youth Liaison Team?

The Youth Liaison Team program is a focused and coordinated plan for dealing with “high risk” and “at risk” Delta youth, formed through a close working relationship with: the Parents; Family Counsellor; Delta School District; Delta Youth Probation; Surrey Youth Crown Counsel; Ministry of Child and Family Development Social Workers; Changes School Staff; Tsawwassen First Nations; and the Boys & Girls Club.

Within the Delta Police Department, the YLT works closely with the Domestic Violence Unit, Critical Health Intervention Team, School Liaison Officers, and Patrol.

The YLT officer takes ownership of coordinating all available and appropriate resources to meet the specific needs of each youth in order to: reduce negative police contacts (Calls for Service); strictly enforce all court ordered conditions; support and educate parents in managing their children’s behavior; obtain the appropriate support for youth dealing with medical/psychological/substance abuse issues; and support Patrol with files involving high risk or at risk youth.

Shifting and Services

Shifting: Tuesday to Friday 0700 – 1700 hours but flexible to answer calls from patrol/parents or schedule meetings after regular working hours.

Regular Duties:
– Attend Probation appointments;
– Perform home visits to meet with parents and youth;
– Attend Case Specific Meetings;
– Attend Principal’s Meetings;
– Attend school meetings with youth and parents to determine appropriate school
– Update Bail Briefs and Conditions for high risk youth;
– Make referrals to the Family Counsellor;
– Regular meetings with partnering agencies (MCFD and Crown etc);
– Perform arrests and prepare RTCC’s for high risk youth;
– Respond to after hours calls from parents, police and curfew checkers for the Special
Interest Police flagged high risk youth;
– Coordinate a Police response with Patrol for after hours incidents.