Patrol Section

There are approximately 70 officers working the frontline; they are the first responders to the public’s calls for police service. It is the uniformed patrol officers that provide the visible policing presence on the Delta streets, focusing its resources in order to address the problems which present the greatest risk to the community. The patrol section operates under a newly implemented team-based service delivery model.

Responsibilities of the Patrol officers encompass the protection of life and property, prevention and detection of crime, maintenance of the public peace and the enforcement of municipal, provincial and federal statutes.


The uniformed patrol officers are the largest group of officers in the Department and are divided into four districts: District one – Tsawwassen; District two – Ladner; and Districts three and four – North Delta.

Patrol division is supervised by an inspector and consists of two additional duty officers on a rotational basis. Take out the part of three duty officers.


All calls for service are dispatched through the Delta Police Communications Center. The calls received are dispatched on a priority basis.

  • High priority incidents:
    • Missing person (child or suspicious circumstances)
    • 911 calls for assistance
    • Motor vehicle collisions where there is information indicating that there are injuries or alcohol involvement
    • Crimes in progress
      • Impaired drivers observed driving dangerously
      • Break and enter
      • Robbery/hold up alarms
      • Theft
    • Threats to life/property
  • Other incidents dispatched as non-emergency:
    • Commercial and residential alarms
    • Suspicious persons and vehicles
    • Thefts/mischief
    • Driving and parking complaints
    • Motor vehicle accident with no injuries
    • Lost and found property
    • Noise/disturbance complaints
    • Nuisance calls

Officers in patrol liaise with members assigned to other sections within the Department in an effort to share information, gather intelligence and carry out an effective approach to an identified problem.

  • The Intelligence Management Section provides core intelligence and crime analysis to focus patrol resources effectively through the intelligence-led model.