Sex Offences

The Sexual Offences Section detectives are responsible for enforcement, forensic interviewing and investigations of all aspects of sexual assaults. The Section also investigates files including:

  • historical sexual assaults against children or the handicapped
  • child pornography
  • multi-jurisdictional, multi-victim or multi-suspect incidents
  • sex crimes that occur in licensed facilities.

Other areas of responsibility include online monitoring of child exploitation offences and 100% compliance with the Violent Crime Linkage Analysis System in conjunction with the RCMP.

Section members liaise with other police agencies, hospitals, the Ministry of Children and Family Development and are involved in providing education and awareness to the public and community.

Crime Prevention Resources

Just about every child or teenager has their own cellular phone or device that gives them access to the Internet. It is impossible for parents to monitor their child’s Internet usage 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, our Section investigates far too many incidents where children are persuaded to share nude images or conduct themselves in a manner using the phones/devices that they would normally never do in person.

There is technology to help parents keep their children safe.  Publicly available software can help parents monitor their child’s cellular phone or computer usage.  For a monthly fee, this software will allow you to read your child’s text messages, see the images they take, websites they access, friends they are communicating with on Facebook and much more. Use a search term such as “cell phone monitoring” to find an option that will work for your family.

While at home, some parents turn the wi-fi off at night or insist all the Internet devices are kept at a common charging station in order to limit their child’s usage.

Additional Resources to Keep Children Safe

See our School Liaison Section for a list of resources to protect children from sexual exploitation and other crimes.