Intelligence Management

The Intelligence Management Section (IMS) is a multi-faceted operation that effectively integrates crime analysis, intelligence analysis and major case management support into one unified environment.

IMS forecasts crime and disorder, by collecting, evaluating, collating, analyzing and disseminating accurate and timely intelligence on individuals and groups who are known and/or suspected of criminal activities in the Municipality of Delta.  IMS products help drive the operations and deploy patrol resources more effectively.

Additionally, IMS produces monthly crime reports and maps which give the community an overview of the main crimes committed in Delta.

IMS also supports the Criminal Investigation Branch, Street Crime Unit, Drug Section, Operational Support Services and Patrol in targeting, disrupting and dismantling organized crime groups/individuals that pose a high risk to public safety (homicides, assault, robbery, break and enter). IMS files are project driven and IMS assumes an active role during these investigations.


IMS uses the COMPSTAT model, which is not a computer system, but rather a management philosophy as well as organizational management tool for police departments. COMPSTAT is an accountability process to the Delta Police Department which aids in crime reduction, personnel and resource management.

COMPSTAT’s success can be attributed to its four main principles:

  1. Accurate and Timely Intelligence
  2. Effective Tactics
  3. Rapid Deployment
  4. Relentless Follow-Up and Assessment.

Confidential Human Source Handling Unit (CHSHU)

The mandate of CHSHU is to foster and adhere to the best source handling practices within Canadian policing.  This is accomplished by demonstrating leadership and guidance and by providing the necessary training and awareness programs to ensure all members of Delta Police are kept apprised of legal and administrative changes that impact their work practices.