Forensic Investigation Services

The Forensic Identification Services Section (FISS) is comprised of four sworn police officers (one sergeant and three constables).

The scope of duties performed by the forensic specialists in Delta are varied and numerous and at times fall outside of the normal duties of an identification section. While some identification sections might see this as a detriment, the specialists in Delta see the myriad of duties as an opportunity to contribute skills and services to the members of the Department that would normally not be available.

In the course of their regular duties the Ident members are responsible for:

  • Attending all major crime scenes, including homicides, robberies, sex assaults, break and enters; record and preserve the crime scene, collect and analyze evidence
  • scaled and detailed drawings
  • expert testimony in court
  • fingerprinting services in less serious crimes such as stolen automobiles
  • photographic services at crime scenes for victims of assault and mischief
  • photographic services for special services including award ceremonies, community events and cops cards
  • video services for occasions outlined above

The members of FISS use several pieces of equipment and techniques while carrying out these duties, some of which are:

  • Forensic light sources, i.e. Omniprint 1000B
  • CA fuming chamber
  • Blood drying cabinets
  • Comparison microscope
  • Numerous chemicals
  • Digital and video cameras

Going beyond the standard Ident duties, the FISS section also provides services in the following areas:

  • Skull reconstruction (identifying human remains)
  • Composite art (suspect identification)
  • Forensic video analysis (using two state-of-the-art forensic video analysis computers)
  • Microscopic physical matches (using a comparison microscope)
  • Advanced digital graphics, image enhancement
  • Covert video installations
  • Covert/night vision still photographs and video surveillance