Criminal Investigation Branch

The Delta Police Department Criminal Investigation Branch is currently comprised of the Major Crime and the Investigative Support Units.

Major Crime Unit

  • Major Crime Section
  • Economic/Technical Crimes
  • Serious Crimes/Sex Offences

Investigative Support Unit

  • Strike Force
  • Street Crime Unit
  • Forensic Identification
  • Drugs
  • Intelligence Management

The mandate of the Criminal Investigation Branch is to investigate a wide range of criminal offences; from homicide to sexual assaults; to drugs and fraud; and to reduce the impact of crime on the citizens of Delta by utilizing enforcement, professional development and education.

Currently the Section consists of an Inspector, 2 staff sergeants, 8 sergeants, 27 constables and 3 civilians.

The Criminal Investigation Branch is a strong advocate and practitioner of the current strategic initiative of Intelligence Led Policing, where intelligence is gathered and analyzed and a targeted response is directed at the problem issues.