Operation Impact 2014

Delta Police, in association with the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, is taking part in the national traffic safety campaign, Operation Impact.

This year’s campaign is again focusing on education and enforcement of the “Big 4” —impaired driving, occupant restraint use, and all aspects related to speed and distracted driving — the main causes of death and injury on Canadian roadways. We are also raising the public’s awareness of Canada’s Road Safety Strategy 2015: to make Canada’s roads the safest in the world.

As in previous years, Operation Impact will take place over the Thanksgiving weekend, from October 10-13, 2014; a time where many individuals and families are traveling to see their loved ones. Let’s work together to encourage safe driving practices and minimize senseless tragedy on our roadways this holiday weekend.

What issues are most important in Operation Impact?

  • Don’t drink and drive. Ever.
  • Use seat belts and child restraints every time you travel in a car, no matter how short the trip.
  • Pay attention at all times, refrain from the use of mobile hand held devices and/or aggressive or high risk driving behaviours which may lead to a collision.
  • These issues are important every day of the year; not just during this special initiative.

Did you know?

In 2011, the number of motor vehicle fatalities was 2,006 and 22 per cent of motor vehicle driver fatalities were 15 to 24 year olds  »see more facts: Operation Impact Fact Sheet

For more information see the Canadian Association of Chief’s of Police website.