Social Media

Delta Police participates in social networks to offer our community additional ways to communicate with us. You are welcome to participate with us (please read our Social Media Disclaimer).

Corporate Communications:

twitter @deltapolice Sharlene Brooks Sharlene Brooks, Public Affairs Coordinator, tweets DPD news, real time incidents and events relating to public safety
Facebook DeltaPoliceDept Current events, photos and videos
YouTube DeltaPD Our video library – see our latest additions

Victim Services:

- @DPVictimService Victim Services Kim Gramlich tweets for Victim Services


- @CstUsipiuk CstUsipiuk Cst. Ken Usipiuk tweets for the Traffic Section

School Liaison:

twitter @CstAtkinson CstAtkinson Cst. Mike Atkinson is a School Liaison Officer (SLO) in South Delta
email  Cst. Hoffman CstAujla Cst. Hoffman is an SLO in North Delta
» See the School Liaison Section for schools assigned to each SLO.


twitter @CstSwallow A/Sgt Sarah Swallow Cst. Sarah Swallow is in the Patrol Section in North Delta
- @Cst_jIngram Cst Ingram Cst. Jim Ingram is in the Patrol Section in North Delta
24×7 24x7 Cst. Jim Ingram blogs his day to day life as a frontline patrol officer.