Overview of Delta Police Recruitment Exam

The Delta Police Department Intake Exam assesses practical skill sets that police officers use on a regular basis while performing their duties. The ETHOS exam has a three-hour time limit, and most applicants use the bulk of the allowed time to complete the exam. It is divided into four modules, and is marked out of 100. A score of 60% (60/100) is required to pass. Applicants who fail to pass the ETHOS exam must wait 6 months to request a second opportunity to write the exam, and each request will be considered on an individual basis.

The modules assess the following four areas:

  • Memory and observation skills (20 marks)
  • Reading, Comprehension and Critical Thinking Skills (25 marks)
  • Summarizing skills (10 marks)
  • Writing and editing skills (45 marks)

Once the exam is marked, applicants can check their exam score on our site under Intake Exam Results or Results of latest intake exam.

Delta Police Exam Sample Questions

Module A: Assessment of Memory and Observation Skills

This module is divided into two sections, and the format is multiple choice. At the beginning of the exam, candidates are shown a police bulletin, and asked to read and remember as much of the information as possible in 3 minutes. Candidates then watch a video detailing a crime-in-progress. There are 15 multiple choice questions related to the video, designed to test a candidate’s memory and observation skills. There are 5 multiple choice questions relating to the information listed on the police bulletin.

Module B: Assessment of Reading, Comprehension, and Critical Thinking Skills

This module is divided into three sections. The objective of this module is to assess the candidate’s reading and comprehension skills, their ability to reason and think critically, and their ability to apply basic math skills. The math skills required by this section include competency in addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, percentages, and fractions. The first section requires the candidate to read an article, and then answer 10 questions about the article. Answers in this section are written in sentence and paragraph form, as necessary. The second and third sections contain information about crimes and accident scenes, and applicants answer questions related to the information provided. Answers in these two sections can be written in point form.

Module C: Assessment of Summary Skills

This module requires the candidate to read a witness statement, and then write a logical, coherent summary that captures the essential information of the witness statement. The summary is written in paragraph form.

Module D: Assessment of Writing and Editing Skills

This module is divided into three sections. Each section presents one paragraph of text that requires correction of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Candidates re-write the paragraphs, eliminating errors in the following areas: grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, and word choice.