Our salary and benefits package is one of the most generous in Canadian policing. Commencing from the day of hiring, constables receive incremental pay increases throughout their careers.

Recruit police officers receive Probationary Constable’s pay beginning on the day of hiring and including the time spent in the Police Academy. Pay increments occur annually until reaching the rank of First Class Constable after four years.  Salary increases also take place at 10 years, 15 years and 20 years of service.


Rank to December 2019
Probationary Constable
(1st year, including training)
Fourth Class Constable
(after one year)
Third Class Constable
(after two years)
Second Class Constable
(after three years)
First Class Constable
(after four years)
10-Year First Class Constable
15-Year First Class Constable
20-Year First Class Constable


  • Job security
  • Paid vacation
  • Medical/dental plans, including Extended Health
  • Sick leave benefits, including Long Term Disability Plan
  • Job sharing provisions
  • Employee Assistance Program including psychological services
  • All uniforms and equipment supplied with cleaning allowance
  • Attractive pension benefits