Competency of a Police Officer

An essential part of considering a career in policing is clearly understanding the role and responsibilities of a police officer in today’s society. It is imperative that you take time to seriously consider whether you have the necessary qualities, characteristics and strengths needed to adequately perform the duties and carry out responsibilities of a police officer.

The following are some of the qualifying factors you should contemplate before submitting your application to become a Delta Police Officer.

  • Do I meet or exceed the minimum requirements set out in the selection process?
  • Have I been active in serving my community?
  • Do I live a lifestyle that exemplifies high moral and ethical standards?
  • Am I emotionally stable and mature?
  • Is a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness part of my daily life?
  • Am I in good physical health without any medical conditions that would affect my ability to do police work?
  • Have I explored and do I understand the nature of police work and the variety of situations I may face as a police officer?
  • Do I understand the different operational styles of municipal police departments and the RCMP, and which best suits my disposition and career goals?
  • Am I prepared to work shifts up to 12 hours in duration? Have I considered the effect shift work will have on my personal life?
  • Do I have demonstrated ability to work independently?
  • Do I work well in a team environment?
  • Have I demonstrated that I can be assertive in situations when required?
  • Do I work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives on a wide variety of issues?
  • Do I have the demonstrated ability to work independently and make sound decisions under stress?
  • If required, would I be able to use deadly force?